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Semi Truck Accident Lawyer - Celina, TX

Searching for the best Semi Truck Accident lawyer in Celina, TX?

Looking for the best Semi Truck Accident lawyer in Celina, TX?

Contact DB Hill Law, the best Semi Truck Accident law firm in Celina, TX, for a free, confidential consultation.

Celina, TX Semi Truck Accident Legal Services

Every year, many people are killed or injured in collisions with semi-trucks. If you have been in an accident with a semi-truck or another commercial vehicle, you should consult with an attorney immediately. Big rig drivers have a higher standard of responsibility on the road than other drivers.

Damages from semi-truck accidents tend to be more expensive than other types of accidents since the harm and losses a semi-truck driver’s negligence can cause are so severe. Most commercial vehicles are bigger than other vehicles on the road, which can result in severe damages to both vehicles and passengers. If you have been injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle, contact the big rig accident lawyers at DB Hill law right away so that you can win the value of your injuries and losses.

The Damages Owed in a Texas Commercial Trucking Accident

Commercial vehicle accidents result in two types of damages: economic and non-economic. We can help you identify all of your damages and hold the semi-driver and trucking company accountable for the full value of those damages. In the event of a collision with a big rig, you may be entitled to compensation for the following damages:

Medical expenses: The injuries caused by a big rig collision can be serious and expensive. Your bills for hospitalization, ambulances, doctor’s visits, and etc. should be fully covered if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Lost wages: Medical bills are not the only expenses of a serious injury. In the event a collision leaves you unable to work for several weeks, you can be reimbursed for those lost wages.

Lost earning capacity: Is your earning capacity permanently affected by your injuries, such that you are no longer able to work in your trade? It is important that you receive compensation for lost future and present wages, as well.

Anguish, Loss of Enjoyment of Life, Pain and Suffering, Anxiety, and Depression: This is the most prominent type of non-economic damage involved in a collision with a big rig. Although the suffering caused by an accident cannot always be quantified in monetary terms, you are entitled to compensation for that suffering. If you have been injured in a big rig accident in Celina, TX, an experienced attorney will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation.

Loss of companionship: Has the negligence of a big-rig driver resulted in the death or loss of a  loved one? Get in touch with our DB Hill Law lawyers today to learn more about what we can do to help you.

Special damages: The term can be used to describe any unspecified economic damage that has been incurred as a result of the neglect of a truck driver, such as damage to your vehicle or items in it.

When Do I Need a Big Rig Accident Attorney?

For a semi-truck or big rig accident, the trucking company, as well as the driver, is liable, and this is unlike most vehicle collisions. Most of the time, that company will deny your claim, or offer you less than the amount of compensation you deserve. Beware of corporate insurance carriers and/or lawyers! Instead, you should contact the semi-truck accident attorneys at DB Hill Law for legal advice.

Liability: In order to win your case, you will need to prove that either the driver or the company they represent is liable for your injuries. An attorney will assist you in analyzing your case and showing exactly what went wrong. Remember that a commercial driver’s license confers a higher level of responsibility on a big rig driver than other drivers.​

You can prove liability by proving negligence in many cases. It can be due to distracted or intoxicated driving on the part of the driver, or an overworked driver or other unsafe conditions on the part of the company.

Calculating damages: If you are in an automobile accident caused by a big rig, a qualified big rig accident lawyer can estimate the full amount you are owed. There is no alternative to DB Hill Law when it comes to fully recovering from the damages, losses, and pain thrust into your life; fortunately, our lawyers can help you. We’ll make sure you get everything you’re owed.

At DB Hill Law, you can trust your case is in good hands. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle.

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Truck Accident Lawsuits

Reach out to the big rig accident attorneys at DB Hill Law in Celina, TX right away if you have been hurt in an accident with a commercial vehicle to win the value of your harms and losses.   We can advise you on the right steps for getting your semi truck accident claim filed, and recovering for the harms and losses that were thrust into your life.

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In order to better understand your case, we always offer a free consultation. No fees are charged unless we win your case. Please contact us today at no cost to determine your options. We are located in Celina, TX, and are ready to fight for you today!