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Featured Case Results

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Personal Injury Settlements

Fall From Bus:


We represented a disabled elderly lady who fell down the steps of a bus, causing broken femurs.

Maritime Injury:


Our client was injured while exiting a catamaran in Maui, Hawaii, causing injuries to her neck.​

Apartment Fall Injury:


Our client fell from stairs that had unsafe hand rails, causing him to have shoulder surgery.

Motorcycle Injury:


Motorcyclist was injured from being rear-ended by a pickup at less than 5 miles per hour.  We recovered a sufficient amount to cover all medical bills, costs of litigation, and an amount that enabled client to purchase a new semi-truck. Client is now continuing as a long-haul truck driver.

Motor Vehicle Collision:


We represented a young lady who was rear-ended on the highway, causing her to hit oncoming traffic. Although our client was severely injured she recovered well and was able to make investments with her net recovery, helping her to start her career.

Dog Bite Injury:


We represented a young man who was bitten by a dog while working at a residence. He developed complex regional pain syndrome and we recovered the homeowner’s policy limits for the client’s injuries. The client recently got a dog to help him with his anxiety,  and he loves his dog.

Golf Cart Incident:


We represented an elderly gentleman who sustained injuries when a car hit his golf cart.

Product Defect Injury:


We represented a young husband/father who was injured when a hydraulic jack failed while he was changing the oil on his car. He recovered well and was able to go back to work as a tile contractor.

Shoulder Injury:


Details coming soon…