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Semi Truck Accident Lawyer - Lincoln, CA

Looking for the best Semi Truck Accident lawyer in Lincoln, CA?

Need the best Semi Truck Accident lawyer in Lincoln CA?

For a free, confidential consultation, contact DB Hill Law, the best Semi Truck Accident law firm in Lincoln, CA.

Semi Truck Accident Legal Services in Lincoln, CA

Many people are killed or injured in collisions with semi trucks every year. As operators of commercial vehicles, big rig drivers are held to a higher level of responsibility on the road than others; if you have been in an accident with a big rig or other commercial vehicle, you should seek counsel with a semi-truck accident lawyer right away.

Verdicts and settlements for damages from big rig accidents tend to be higher than other types of accidents because the harms and losses thrust into people’s lives from a semi-truck driver’s negligence can be severe. Since most commercial vehicles are much larger than other cars on the road, damages to vehicles and passengers can be severe. Reach out to the big rig accident attorneys at DB Hill law right away if you have been hurt in an accident with a commercial vehicle to win the value of your harms and losses.

What Damages are Owed in a Semi Truck or Commercial Truck Accident In California

When it comes to commercial vehicle accidents, damages are generally separated into two categories: economic, and non-economic. We can help you identify all of your damages and hold the semi driver and trucking business accountable for the full value of those damages. Here are some common damages you may be compensated for if you have been involved in a big rig collision:

Medical expenses: Injuries suffered in a big rig collision can be serious, and expensive. If the accident was not your fault, you should be fully compensated for your hospital bills, ambulance costs, doctor’s visits, and etc.

Lost wages: The expenses of a serious injury don’t stop at medical bills. If your collision causes you to lose wages due to being out of work, you can be reimbursed for those losses.

Lost earning capacity: Have your injuries prevented you from working in your trade, or otherwise permanently damaged your earning capacity? You should be compensated for all wages lost as a result of the accident, present and future.

Anguish, Loss of Enjoyment of Life, Pain and Suffering, Anxiety, and Depression: This is the most common example of non-economic damages resulting from a big rig collision. The mental and physical stress of an accident cannot always be calculated in a dollar amount; nevertheless, you are owed for your suffering. An experienced big rig accident attorney in Lincoln, California will make sure you receive the maximum value for these harms and losses.

Loss of companionship: Has a big-rig driver’s negligence resulted in the loss of a loved one? Ask a professional lawyer with DB Hill Law how we can help recover for your lost loving relationship.

Special damages: This can encompass any unspecified economic damages that have been thrust into your lives due to the neglect of the truck driver, including damage to your vehicle or items in your vehicle at the time.

Do I Need a Big Rig Accident Lawyer?

Unlike with most vehicle accidents, in a big rig or semi-truck collisions, the liability lies not only with the truck driver, but with the company they driver for. In many cases, that company will attempt to deny your claim, or offer you less than the value of the damages you deserve. Don’t listen to those corporate insurance carriers and/or lawyers! Instead, seek legal counsel immediately with the professional semi-truck accident attorneys at DB Hill Law.

Liability: To win your case, you will need to prove that either the driver or the company they represent is liable for your injuries. Your lawyer will help you to break down the case and show exactly what went wrong. Remember, big rig drivers hold a commercial driver’s license, meaning that they should be held to a higher responsibility than other drivers on the road.

In many cases, you can prove liability on the grounds of negligence. That can include – on the driver’s part, distracted or intoxicated driving, or – on the company’s part, overworking a driver or otherwise neglecting necessary safety conditions.

Calculating damages: A reliable big rig accident lawyer will help you to calculate the full value of damages you are owed. It’s not always easy to put a monetary value on the harms, losses and pain thrust into your life; fortunately, attorneys at DB Hill Law can help you fully recover from those damages. They’ll make sure you are completely compensated for everything you are owed.

At DB Hill Law, you can trust you’re in the right hands. Call us right away if you have been injured or suffered a loss as a result of a collision with a commercial vehicle.


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Reach out to the big rig accident attorneys at DB Hill law in Lincoln, CA right away if you have been hurt in an accident with a commercial vehicle to win the value of your harms and losses.   We can advise you on the right steps for getting your semi truck accident claim filed, and recovering for the harms and losses that were thrust into your life.

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